Music Production

Dj Dodge mastered the creative art of beat making and music production years after originally getting into the music business,the truth is at the time of being signed to Island Records Dodge and his partner had the budgets to pay for whatever they needed so the learning process was slower although they were fully in charge of their Productions and writing. After his Island days passed Dj Dodge dug deeper into his own abilities and ideas for music and how to program well enough to create any idea he had.
In time his musically soulful productions lead to him working on 100's of major label releases and producing for some of the UK's favorite artists (see below),he also formed a label and the group Venus Tribe who released the song 'Slow Down' on Sony in 2004. All in all over a 10 year period Dj Dodge made records that featured regularly on the airwaves of the UK's most credible radio shows

Here's something for you, Dj Dodge still listens to a lot of the music below and is still very happy with the way a lot of it turned out.

A Few Releases

Below are some press clippings from the 90’s and some studio session pics. Other than all the UK artists he’s also worked with Redman,Masta Ace,Shyheim,Tash (Alkoholics) and Phife Dawg (RIP) from the US. There’s also some pics from groups he created that didn’t make an impact,seldom do you get to see the failed attempts but to be successful there must be some. Between the mid 90’s to around 2006 when he left the UK for Los Angeles Dj Dodge accumulated some 200 plus credits.

Instead of these facts remaining in a box in an attic, hopefully this site will be a cool public space for anyone interested in Dj Dodge and his music career.


Happy Clients

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