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As an Afro Carribean first generation British born teenager, Dj Dodge grew up in the Sound System culture era. In the early days it was mainly Reggae sound systems with a few specialist Soul & Funk sound crews in the London areas where he grew up. Along with the thousands of records he bought,there was always Amplifiers and Speakers too be purchased which drove his mother crazy in their small council flat. In the early 90’s Dj Dodge threw a few parties himself setting up the sound in usually an illegal spot to have a  quick ‘get down’ session before the Police arrived and shut it down. This of course was directly inspired by large established Sound crews like Soul 2 Soul,Good Times,Saxon and a few others. Most of these sound crews grew big enough to go legal and establish a strong name with the party goers at the time.

Dodge says “there was nothing like walking into a Dance (Party) and finding your spot posted up by a stack of loud speakers all night” And all night back then was till 9am. Back then to fill a room or a house with sound it usually required a very large Van or Truck to transport the many speakers and Amps needed, thank God things have advanced since then.

Today we have powered speakers that are a fraction of the size that kick the same wattage sound.

Currently Dodge usually kits out venues with QSC speakers (pic below) and still rocks the original Technics SL1210 Turntables with a new Pioneer DJMS9 Serato Mixer.

No disrespect to USB Controllers that are very useful and functional, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a pair of Technics Turntables spinning around. Most of Dodge’s events appreciate the now considered retro look of Turntables.

If you are planning an Event and you want to have the Sound System professionally installed, Dj Dodge in conjunction with Cosmos Sounds of North Hollywood are your suppliers of everything from Sound to stages to lighting.

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