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Before the word Philanthropy was buzzing, Roger Drakes was out there fighting the cause

Why it's important

Roger writes “Although I’m still very much a work in progress myself, i thankfully always knew the difference between right and wrong. Unfortunately some are not so fortunate and somehow along the way they get it very confused. Back when these videos were filmed it was UK Gun violence and now in 2018 it’s mostly knives as the weapon of choice.  The kids are younger and more violent than ever and the  politicians and powers still are pretending they don’t understand the causes of such behavior. It breaks my heart everytime i hear about a child that’s lost their life so young to senseless violence. Although I’m far away in Los Angeles I’m still in touch with the UK and I have many family members that I pray for daily.  It was very frustrating trying to explain over and over again what needs to be done to reverse the cycle, but the truth is that the upper classes don’t want to uplift the lower classes. inequality is something that will exist as long as people who have abundance don’t think about the people with too little. The poor neighborhoods are riddled with joblessness, bad or no educations and low values due to one or no parents at home.

The children need hope and to know they’re valued more than their situation in life right now. They need to know they can succeed in life and grow beyond their 20’s and 30’s and live a great productive life.

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